Privacy Policy

More Minutes wants to offer a manageable website with the content that is most relevant to you. In order to do so, we use technologies that can collect information about you and how you use the More Minutes website. When you visit More Minutes' website, we therefore ask for your consent to set cookies. If you accept all or selected cookies, cookies are stored on your computer, mobile, tablet or other IT equipment you have used to access the More Minutes website.Button to edit cookie settings (Edit your cookie settings)

Consent to More Minutes use of cookies
More Minutes collects information about your visits using cookies. We do this to measure how many people visit and how the website is used. This allows us to develop the content and make the website more intuitive. More Minutes also collects information about your preferences so that we can provide you with a better user experience and display content that is relevant to you. You can always revoke your consent to cookies by blocking and resetting cookies in your browser and rejecting some cookies. However, you can not deselect cookies that are necessary ('necessary cookies'). You can always cancel your consent and change settings here (link to settings - possibly pop up). Read more about how More Minutes processes your personal information in connection with cookies in the Privacy Policy (link to the privacy policy) . More Minutes' use of cookies may entail the processing of personal data, and we therefore recommend that you read our privacy policy, which describes our processing of personal data and your rights

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a data file that is stored on your computer, smartphone, tablet or other electronic device when you visit the More Minutes website. A cookie only contains text, is not a program and can not contain malicious code such as viruses. Cookies help, among other things, to ensure the functionality of the website by recognizing your used electronic equipment as well as remembering your preferences and search history, so that we can adapt the display to your needs. At the same time, cookies are used for the purpose of remembering your settings, performing statistics and targeting ads. We also remember if you have logged in before.

How does a cookie work?
Cookies are stored on your own computer, smartphone, tablet or other electronic device as an aid to yourself, as they are used so that you can easily find the websites you have visited again. Most often, cookies are used to analyze how the website is used and for the user experience to be improved. In several cases, cookies may be necessary for us to provide a specific service. Cookies are sent back and forth between your browser and a web server and can, among other things, contain information about user settings and how the service is used. There are basically two types of cookies, 'temporary' and 'permanent'. The temporary cookies are linked to the current visit and are deleted automatically when you leave More Minutes' website. The permanent cookies, on the other hand, will be stored on your equipment. Permanent cookies delete themselves after a certain period, but will be renewed every time you visit More Minutes' website.

Why should I decide on cookies?
It is important to us that you take a stand. Necessary cookies, which are a prerequisite for the basic functions of the website, can not be deselected. But More Minutes wants you to take an active stand on the other categories of cookies. You should be aware that not all functions on the More Minutes website will work optimally if you do not accept preference and statistics cookies. The consent box disappears when you have selected or deselected cookies.

Which cookies does More Minutes use?
More Minutes uses necessary cookies, preference cookies, statistics cookies, cookies relating to marketing and WooCommerce cookies. You can read about the categories here:

1) Necessary
Necessary cookies are technical cookies that ensure that More Minutes is displayed correctly by activating some basic functions. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.

2) Preferences
Preference cookies make it possible to remember information about your behavior. They are used to adjust the way the website looks or behaves. They also make it possible to display personalized content and give you a targeted, personalized user experience.

3) Statistics
Statistics cookies help us understand how users interact with the website by collecting and reporting information anonymously. They are part of analytics that help improve content and user experience.

4) Marketing
When cookies are used commercially to target ads to you, they are marketing cookies. More Minutes does not show commercial ads, but third parties (eg social media) may use cookies for targeted marketing on their own and others' platforms.

Why do More Minutes' external companies set cookies?
When names of external companies appear in the cookie list, it is because More Minutes uses external suppliers. If the purchased services process data on behalf of More Minutes, a data processor agreement is entered into, where More Minutes sets strict requirements for data processing. The supplier must promise not to use the data for its own purposes or pass it on. There are suppliers that More Minutes does not have the opportunity to enter into a data processor agreement with, for example Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. In these cases, More Minutes is co-responsible for the collection and transmission to the supplier of the information collected using these cookies. The supplier, on the other hand, is solely responsible for the further use of this information, for example targeted marketing on other platforms.