About us

The feeling of not having enough time is familiar to most people. In an increasingly busy everyday life, time has become our most important resource - and our biggest shortage. At More Minutes, time is the resource we cherish. We offer various services that will help you save time in everyday life. We come to your workplace and handle your practical tasks and chores during your working hours. This way, More Minutes is there to make life easier for you.
More Minutes ApS is founded and owned by the entrepreneur Anne Bladt. The company was created on the basis of Anne's desire to create more time for other than the practical tasks and chores in everyday life. Together with her husband, she therefore came up with the idea to create More Minutes, which offers services performed during your working hours. At the end of 2018, Anne quit her then job and created More Minutes, which at this time could offer three different services and had three customer companies connected. At present, Today we provide numerous types of services to more than 100 happy, time saving companies.